Project Report : Guyana public Internet access survey - pilot


Internet cafes are widely used in Guyana but no survey had been done of their use and operation. Improving the quality of service of these access points, most of which are already sustainable, would facilitate access by many especially those who are unable to afford their own computer.

A pilot survey was done of two areas, one urban (Georgetown, Guyana) and one outside the city covering nearly 2% of the population. Eight internet cafes were found and visited.

The survey found widespread internet calling using VOIP as well as browsing. Both wireless and DSL connectivity was used with DSL being more reliable.

Almost all the cafes were receptive to receiving technical assistance to improve their service and most had problems of some kind, misuse of equipment and viruses being the most common.

This project was done through the DevNet Trust Fund and completed in May 2007.

Report_access_survey_pilot2.pdf36.01 KB
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