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Links to regional resources
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*Association of Caribbean States- Webpage
* Caribbean Academy of Sciences
* Caribbean Airlines (previously BWIA)
*Caribbean Broadcasting Union
*Caribbean Centre For Development Administration
*Caribbean Homepage
*Caribbean News Agency
*Caricom Secretariat
* Multimedia for Caribbean Communities
*Small Island Information Network  --Offers various links and related topics about the islands around the world.
*SmallShop.Com - Caribbean web site
* UNESCO Caribbean office

Antigua & Barbuda
*Antigua and Barbuda
*Official Guide to Antigua and Barbuda  --The Official Homepage of the Antigua and Barbuda Department of Tourism.

*Barbados Govt. Info. Service(GIS)
*Barbados Nation News
*Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia  --Official website of The Barbados Tourism Authority.
*CaribSurf Internet Service

French Guiana

*French Guiana ISP

Dominican Republic

*DBS Radio Website  --The Dominican Broadcasting Corporation... The Nation's Station Serving the nation since 1971.




* Digiport   --JDI provides information processing companies with high quality, switched or dedicated service.
* Digital Technology Inc.   --Jamaica's Premier Information Technology Solution.
* Directory of Jamaican Web Sites
* Jamaica Gleaner   --Keeping you in touch with Jamaica and the Caribbean.
* Jamaica whereRu?
* KasNet Online   --KasNet focuses on providing an entertaining and productive internet experience through the web.
* SDNP Jamaica
* UNDP Jamaica

Martinique & Guadeloupe
*The website of the French West Indies --Travel and business information

St. Kitts-Nevis
* Official Website of the Government of St. Kitts-Nevis

St. Lucia
* St. Lucia Government

St. Vincent & the Grenadines

*Complete Guide to Surinam
* DWT  -- News

Trinidad & Tobago
* Cable Net --ISP
* Carib-Link Limited
* Caribbean TECH TrendZ
* InterServ Limited
*KPMG Trinidad and Tobago --knowledge-based  professional services
* Opus Networx --ISP and registration of tt domains
*Trinidad and Tobago Telcommunication Services (TSTT)
*Trinidad And Tobago Chamber Of Industry And Commerce (INC.)
* Trinidad and Tobago Web Directory
* Trinidad Guardian
*TTMA Home Page
*UNDP Port of Spain Home Page

US Virgin Islands
*US Virgin Islands

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