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Links to local resources

* Guyana Education Access Project (GEAP)

* Ministry of Education

* National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD)

* National Library

* University of Guyana

Links to regional resources

* Department of Mathematics & Computer Science -- (UWI)

* Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

* St. George's University  --(Grenada)

* Universidad Metropolitana  --(Puerto Rico)

* University of Puerto Rico

* University of The West Indies  --(Jamaica)

Links to international resources

* Africam

* Appetizers and Lessons for Mathematics and Reason

* Ask ERIC (The Educational Resources Information Center)  --Education information with the personal touch.

* BBC Education  --Get education on-line...(UK)

* BBC News | Global warming

* British Library  --The British Library's online information server.

* Department for Education and Employment--Information for parents, schools, education and training, employers, job seekers etc

* Discovery Channel School  -- ...a place where teachers and students can get the most out of Discovery programming.(US)

* Distance Learning & Developing Countries

* E-Conflict World Encyclopedia, profiles Nations includes National Anthems, Maps, Flags, News and the Weather

* Educate Online

* Educational Services  -- A collection of educational services links compiled by The East Midlands Network Project.

* EdSurf ~ Online Distance Education Learning Resource for Adult Students ~

* Edweb homepage  --Exploring technology and school reform.(US)

* Electronic University Network

* Free Online Books At The Free Well

* GCSE Answers  --The future way to learn

* Great Books Index

* -- Fastest Online Research!

* Humanity Development Library -- Free books online

* - one of the largest "collections of collections" on the Internet

* Interactive Science Ltd, UK. Hands on exhibits

* Internet for Schools: Guide to Electronic Telegraph

* Internet Public Library

* Knowledge and Skills for University Success - good online book

* Knowledge Network Blue Web'N Site --A library of Blue Ribbon learning sites on the web

* Letts Educational--..revision and exam preparation from pre-school to higher education

* National Science Digital Library (USA)


* New Millennium Computer Literacy Project (Ghana)

* NISS - info for education  --National Information Services & System' (NISS) information for education. (UK)

* Northern Ireland Network for Education

* On-Line Books Page


* SAM Learning-- Online revision service for GCSE & A level(UK)

* SchoolNet SA - South Africa

* Science@NASA - NASA Space Science News

* SpaceNews educational web site educational site addressing space explorations through classroom activities and links to other space related sites on the World Wide Web. (US)

* Teacher Information Network - USA

* Teacher Professional Development Institute (TAPPED IN)

* UNESCO Education Information Service

* Universities Worldwide  --Searchable database that holds different Universities in 89 different countries.

* US Department of Education -...provide you with information about the offices and programs of the U.S. Department of Education (ED), education initiatives of the President and the Secretary, the full text of ED reports and publications, links to organizations we support, and more. (US)

* US Regional Educational Laboratories educational research and development organizations supported by contracts with the U.S. Education Department, Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI). (US)

*  -- Purchase textbooks

* Virtual Free Books -- Plus... 3,000 of the Best Free Offers on the Internet

* Virtual autopsy

* Web-Authoring Curriculum Sites: A Web Tour

* Web Wise - BBC Education's guide to the Internet

* Western Governors University

* WorLD training materials

* Yahoo Education page  --(US)

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