Linden Technical Institute

Mission Statement

The Linden Technical Institute will always open its doors to impart to students - both youths and adults -technical and vocational education and training to make them competent and to satisfy the needs of industries and the country as a whole.
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Brief History

The Linden Technical Institute, originally known as the Demba Trade School, was established in 1958. During the period 1958 to 1996, thirty-four (34) intakes of apprentices were trained at the institute. The various names of the institute during that period reflected the new and expanded role the complex was expected to play in the training of adult workers of Guyana Mining Enterprise. Since Nationalization of the Mining Enterprise in 1971, students were drawn from around the country.

Aims and Objectives

To train students in Technical Vocational pursuits of their choice and ability to a level of proficiency necessary for employment or further training.
  1. To develop in student specific skills associated with entry level of employment as a craftsman.
  2. To impart to student relevant related knowledge associated with the engineering trades.
  3. To develop a climate of commitment and job satisfaction for the staff.
  4. To maintain a partnership relation with industry and business.
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Guyana Technical Education Examination

This examination is the culmination of all training offered at the institute. The examination is offered at the certificate and diploma levels.

Work Attachment

Work attachment is an integral part of the Institute's curriculum and as such all first year full time students may be required to complete a period industry or business for a period of six (6) weeks.

Courses Offered

All courses are offered on both a full and a part time basis.
  1. Craft Certificate in Electrical Installation
  2. Certificate in Electrical Installation Part II.
  3. Craft Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery
  4. Advanced Craft Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery
  5. Craft Certificate in Mechanical Fitting
  6. Craft Certificate in Metal Machining
  7. Craft Certificate in Welding
  8. Advanced Craft Certificate in Welding
  9. Craft Certificate in Instrument Studies
  10. Craft Certificate in Internal Combustion Engines
  11. Craft Certificate in Vehicle Work
  12. Technician Certificate in Motor Vehicle Work Part I.
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Entry Requirements

  1. Applicants must be over fifteen (15) years of age to attend the full time courses and over eighteen (18) years to attend part time courses.
  2. For Craft Courses, applicants must complete four (4) years of secondary education.
Candidates are required to write selection tests and be interviewed.

Registration Fees

An annual registration fee for contingency purposes is required. This is payable at the time of enrolment.

Promotional Conditions

Students are required to satisfy the following conditions for promotion:
  1. A minimum of eighty percent (80%) of the possible attendance for each subject of the course.
  2. A minimum of fifty percent (50%) of the possible examination marks for each subject of the course.
  3. Complete successfully practicals, class work, homework and labs.


The Linden Technical Institute is located in the Constabulary Compound in Mackenzie. It is bounded on the North East by the New Road, North West by the Cockatara Creek, South West by the Constabulary houses and South East by the Tailings Pond Area.

In the vicinity is the Mine’s Bus Terminal.

Contact Details

Further Details can be obtained from the address below:
Lot 1, New Road,
Constabulary Compound,
Tel:  04 3333
Fax:  04 6719

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