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Echols High School now renamed MACKENZIE HIGH SCHOOL was established in 1946 to provide secondary education to students in Linden.

The school began with 26 students and two teachers and initially was funded by the then Demerara Bauxite Company, Limited (DEMBA).

When the present facilities were opened in 1959, there were five classrooms and three Science Laboratories. Through fund raising efforts by the Friends of MACKENZIE HIGH SCHOOL another Laboratory, a Library and four classrooms were added. LICHAS, an acronym for Linden Concert Hall and School, was opened in 1975. This building which has ten classrooms on the upper floor and a concert hall on the ground floor, houses the Lower School (Forms 1 - 111).

Over the years and until 1976 when the Guyana Government took full control, the company was responsible for staffing, payment of salaries, housing for teachers and the general welfare of both students and teachers.

At present the enrolment stands at 567 with a staff of 32 teachers.

Examinations offered are the C.X.C. General and Basic Proficiency, the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency and University of London G.C.E. Advanced Level..

The school is at present one of the twelve pilot schools under the Secondary Schools Reform Project.

Recently GEAP has promised help in expanding the school and has offered help in training and additional facilities.

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The administration and staff place a very high premium on quality education.  As such the staff works assiduously towards obtaining and maintaining good results at all levels.

Parents are also asked to play a meaningful role in the education of their children. The staff is therefore supported by a very vibrant P.T.A.

The Association meets once per month to work out strategies for the improvement of standards at MACKENZIE HIGHSCHOOL.


Over the years in an effort to promote competition amongst students and teachers, MACKENZIE HIGH SCHOOL has maintained a House System.

The four Houses are named after founder members, namely:

The House colours are Blue, Green, Yellow and Maroon respectively.

On an annual basis there are competitions in Athletics, Badmingston, Chess, Drama, Cricket, Football and Table Tennis.



The Secondary Schools Reform Project is at present formulating plans to add two more science laboratories to the present structure, while GEAP plans to add three more classrooms.

The administration plans to convert one of these laboratories to a Computer Laboratory to facilitate the teaching of Information Technology from Forms I to VI.

SSRP has promised that it will provide five computers. Both students and teachers anxiously look forward to the realisation of this promise as it will aid in the teaching of Information Technology.


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