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Networking Programme
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SDNP Fact Sheets

  1. Simple Web Pages Using MS Word
  2. Basic Security Advice
  3. More on Web pages
SDNP Help Pages

* Email Security  links by SDNP

* Internet Restriction    links by SDNP

* Specialised Search Engines    - links by SDNP

* Year 2000 Problem (Y2K)    - This page contains information about the problems which arose at the turn of the century when dates changed from 1999... to 2000...    links by SDNP

* Bard College - training manuals - Netscape, MS Office etc.

* Brief history of the Internet

* CIAC internet Hoaxes

* Computer Virus Myths  Got a mail about a virus? Probably a hoax - check it out here

* FAQ Finder  A searchable database of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

* GetNetWise  online safety site

* Getting Started on the internet  A guide to getting started on the internet.

* Internet Training  (University of West Indies)

* Internet tutorials  (University of Albany)

* ITrain: Internet Learning Materials

* Learning HTML

* Parent's Guide to the internet

* Patrick Crispen's Roadmap internet tutorials

* The 15 minute Training Series on the Internet

* Web Wise  - BBC Education's guide to the Internet

* WhaleMail  Send Big Files Anywhere

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