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The Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) is a non-governmental, not for profit organization which was established in 1973 and registered in 1975 as an educational and training institution under the Friendly Societies Act.


This NGO was established as a result of recommendations coming out of a conference convened by a London based International Alliance of Women and attended by representatives of the Guyana Women's League of Social Services. The name 'Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association' was given to the organization because it was the view at that time that there was no need for family planning in a country with less than one million people.


In 1990 the GRPA was accorded associate membership of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR). As a consequence, the organization relinquished its formal membership in the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation (CFPA). From 1998 GRPA was accorded Associate Membership.


In 1995 the Association shifted its focus from just family planning to the more holistic provision of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and Programs.


Over the years, the Association has sought to collaborate with local, and regional and international agencies, in an effort to ensure continuity of its programs and services.


Recently the Association was granted special status with two international agencies.


In March 2000, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) conferred UNFPA Goodwill Ambassadorial Status on the Association. Then in May 2000, the Association received ECOSOC Special Consultative Status from the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations Section, Department of Economic and Social Affairs.


The collaboration these two international relationships accord, GRPA, will certainly go a long way toward the enhancement of its commitment of achieving Better Parents, Better Children and a Better Guyana.




'Promoting Responsible Sexual Behavior and Family

Life through Information, Education, Collaboration and Services.'




The association has three categories of membership. Passive members comprise that group of persons who are only interested in utilizing the services, offered by the Association. Active members are employers from the public and private sectors who are interested in providing their employees with sexual and reproductive health services.




The association is governed by a thirteen (13) member Board of Directors, which is elected biennially from the active members. The Board of Directors provides policy direction, assist in the formulation of strategic development plans and monitor the implementation of programs and services.





The objectives of the Association are to:


· Promote Sexual and Reproductive health including family planning through information, education and services.

·Advocate for the formulation of policies in support of an individual’s right to make free and informed choices regarding their sexual and reproductive health.

·Increase men’s commitment and joint responsibility in all areas of sexual and reproductive health.

·Promote and encourage family life education in schools as a means of preparing young people for responsible parenthood.

·Develop and maintain high quality sustainable services and programs in sexual and reproductive health.


The programs and services offered by the Association are provided at its Headquarters and countrywide through networking and collaboration, with Community Workers, Peer Helpers, Government and Non-governmental Organizations, Regional and International Funding Agencies.





A Clinic and Laboratory facility are housed on the ground floor of the building at 10 Quamina Street. Here members and clients, can receive an extensive range of sexual and reproductive health services, from qualified and experienced doctors and other medical practitioners.





·Family planning – a full range of contraceptive methods are provided.

·Syndromic management of STI

·Pap Smear



·Infertility Management

·Pregnancy Test

·Management of Menopausal Syndrome

·Breast Examination

·Punch Biopsy

·Testicular Examination





To facilitate networking and collaboration of programs and services countrywide, several target groups are exposed to continuous training. Health Professionals who function at Maternal and Child health clinics are trained in Contraceptive Technology and Sexual and Reproductive Health. Community involvement is pivotal to the provision of programs and services, as such Community Workers are identified and trained in areas of Sexual and Reproductive health and in facilitating discussions surrounding these issues with the aim of helping their specific communities.


Funding is usually sought for the training of women in rural depressed communities with the objective of providing them with an opportunity to learn a skill by which they can earn an income. During the skills training program family planning and sexual and reproductive health discussions are done.

The Association encourages and advocates the teaching of Family Life Education in schools. Such sessions are therefore, facilitated for Parent Teacher Associations, Principals, teachers and other educators who are also exposed to training in human sexuality.


Training is also extended to the youths of the nation. Youths from in and out of schools are trained in many aspects of human sexuality, family life education and sexual and reproductive health, with the aim of developing a cadre of Youth Peer Counselors equipped with relevant information and education to guide and assist their peers to effectively deal with their sexuality and other challenging issues.





The Olga Byrne Youth Center (OBYC) caters for the needs of adolescents who were unable to complete the regular school system for a number of reasons. Named after the first Executive Director if the Association and established in 1982, the center was born out of the Association’s concern for the high level of female adolescents leaving school because of teenage pregnancies. Over the years the center has shifted its focus to cater directly for the needs of both out-of-school youths and teen mothers. Students are exposed to Remedial reading, Writing, Mathematics, and English and a wide range of vocational skills. The two year program offers students a second chance at developing themselves and becoming income earners.





The Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM), formerly called the Under Twenty Club (UTC) provides yet another opportunity for youth to be sensitized about Family Life Education, life skills and developmental activities. This group meets every Friday at the Association’s Headquarters.


The need for sexual and reproductive health services, is no longer a thing of the past. Rising statistics of incidents of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS, and Cancer of the reproductive organs, necessitates total involvement of the entire family in sexual and reproductive health care.


The Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association is committed to improving and enhancing the sexual and reproductive health of the Guyanese nation.





International Planned Parenthood Federation/Western Hemisphere Region. (IPPF/WHR) 120 Wall Street. 9th floor, New York, NY 10005-3902.

Tel: (212) 248 6400


Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation Ltd. (CFPA) PO Box 419, Factory Road, St. Johns, Antigua, West Indies.

Tel: (809) 462 4171


United Nations Population Fund 1-3 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 5, Jamaica, West Indies

Tel: (809) 978 2390-9




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