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The Guyana IYV 2001 Committee

Towards a better World! Volunteering to make a difference in Communities.

The Guyana IYV 2001 Committee was formalized in January 2001. The Committee is responsible for the observation and celebration of IYV in Guyana in line with the IYV 2001 objectives to recgonise, facilitate, network and promote volunteerism. An activity plan has been developed for Guyana and the Committee is responsible for the execution of this plan through its coordinator, appointed in January 2001. 

The Committee is currently made up of representative from the US Peace Corps, Youth Challenge Guyana, Guyana Volunteer Consultancy Inc and Canadian Executive Service Organization, Voluntary Service Overseas, Volunteer Youth Corps, Ministry of Youth Culture & Sports, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNV Guyana and a National UNV Coordinator.

IYV observances in Guyana will incorporate as many volunteering individuals, groups and organizations in Guyana. Many IYV 2001 activities will be implemented in partnership with these individuals, groups and organizations, so initiating the necessary networking in the voluntary sector in Guyana. IYV Guyana encourages volunteering individuals, groups and organizations to develop their own initiatives in observance of IYV 2001 in accordance with the IYV Guidelines.

The Guyana IYV 2001 Committee has its beginnings in October 1999 when consultations on planning for IYV 2001 among national and international volunteer groups commenced. This was formalized as the Guyana IYV 2001 Steering Committee in February 2000 with representatives from US Peace Corps; Voluntary Service Overseas; Youth Challenge Guyana;); NGO Forum; Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Youth & Sports and UNV serving as Committee members.


The committee members of the IYV 2001 Guyana are:

Ms. Carla Thomas, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ms. Jacquelyn Mounter, Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports
Dr. Leslie Chin, Director Canadian Executive Services Overseas & Guyana Volunteer Consultancy
Dr. Hardy Frye, Country Director, Peace Corps
Ms. Beverly Edwards, Executive Director, Youth Challenge Guyana
Ms. Jennifer Britton, Programme Officer, Voluntary Service Overseas
Mr. Kenroy Roach, Volunteer Youth Corps
Mr. Oliver Wittershagen, Programme Officer, United Nations Volunteers

  Regional Volunteer Committees exist in Regions 6 , 9 and 10. Click here for the details

Address: United Nations Volunteers
c/o UNDP, 42 Brickdam and UN Place Stabroek, Georgetown

Tel: 226-4040
Fax: 226-2942

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