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Links to local resource

*Institute of Applied Science and Technology --(Guyana).

Links to international resources

*ABC News, Science

*Beal Aerospace - info on the Guyana spaceport project

*BBC News Online: Science/Tech - recommended

*Caribbean Academy of Sciences

*Caribbean Network of Scientists

*E-print archives - Los Alamos archives of scientific articles

*FOX News, Sci/Tech

*Lunar Prospector   --The NASA/Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA invites you to visit this site to explore the day-to-day events surrounding the first NASA mission in 25 years!

*MMSZ Notebook  --An occasional information sheet about instrumentation in developing countries

*Office of Science and Technology Homepage

*RISE  --Resources for Involving Scientists in Education.

* Science weblinks --New Scientist presents a comprehensive guide to science sites (listed in 17 categories) on the net

*ScienceNow  --Experience Science Online.

*Scientific American

*Scientist Magazine  --The newspaper for the Life Sciences Professional.

*The Department of Energy & Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Network  --the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy's premier source for information on the Internet about renewable energy and energy efficiency technology.

*The El Nino and the La Nina Phenomena  -- Find out what this phenomena is and more with these list of topics found by Yahoo!

*The National Geophysical Data Centre (NGDC)  --manages environmental data in the fields of marine geology and geophysics, paleoclimatology, solar-terrestrial physics, solid earth geophysics, and glaciology (snow and ice). NGDC also operates a World Data Center discipline center.

*The National Science Foundation  --Fostering Science and Engineering, Research and Education.

*National Academy Press   -- over 1,800 scientific books online

*PubMed Central   is a digital archive of life sciences journal literature

*Science topics  --found by Yahoo!

*UNDP World Bank Water and Sanitation program

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