HIV and Diet

What You Eat: HIV and Diet

If you are HIV positive, you must ensure that you eat a balanced diet, consisting of all the food groups in the right balance. Certain foods and beverages have to be avoided as they can make your condition worse.

What if I am HIV positive and want to be a Vegetarian?

It is possible for you to be a vegetarian even if you have HIV. If you have HIV and are a vegetarian, or you want to become a vegetarian, then it is possible



If you are taking a vegetarian diet, in addition to rice and wheat, make sure that your diet is rich in:

  • Proteins - Soya chunks, red beans and dhal are rich sources of vegetable proteins.
  • Vitamins and minerals - Fresh fruits and vegetables are good sources of vitamins and minerals.

If you are taking treatment for HIV then avoid grapefruit.

If you are unsure about what diet you should take, ask your doctor. Avoid alcohol.

You must ensure that food taken is  properly cooked or washed in clean water if eaten raw, and safely stored.