Depression and Suicide

Some people who are affected by HIV or AIDS may feel suicidal or would want to harm themselves.

The feelings of anger, hopelessness, despair and fear are normal. But you can learn to live with HIV.

It is possible live a healthy lifestyle while afflicted by HIV or AIDS

Depression is a cause for suicidal feelings.

If you feel that you want to kill yourself or harm yourself, think about the following:

  • You are not alone to deal with any of your problems.  You can call the HIV/AIDS hotline at 223-7138 or 223-7139; Help & Shelter's hotline at 227- 3454 or 225-4731; or Lifeline at 226-8684.

  • You might be tired or fatigued, and you might need rest. Take a break and relax.

  • Physical activity could help to relax you. Take a walk or play some sports.

  • If you are feeling angry with yourself or someone, then take some time to calm down and focus on other things.

  • Do not drink alcohol. Do not use any drugs to feel better. Alcohol and drugs will make you feel worse.

  • Find someone who you trust to talk to about your suicidal feelings and depression.

  • Try not to be alone.