What about Masturbation..

Masturbation is the act of self stimulation or rubbing, squeezing, or stroking the penis, vagina, or breasts until orgasm is reached. During masturbation, sperm or vaginal fluids may be ejaculated.

If I am not married is it ok to masturbate if that helps me to stay away from sex?

If you masturbate, then there is no chance of you getting HIV or any other sexually transmitted disease. Masturbation is therefore safer than having intercourse. Some people also believe that masturbation makes the feelings to have sex stronger, while others believe it helps them to stay away from sex.

If you want to live according to the principles of Brahmacharya, it is best for you to avoid masturbation as you will be using up energy that can be used for higher purposes. So, it will be best to avoid it.

If you masturbate to deal with stress, you might find that you only get release for a short time, but the problems remain. It will be better for you to seek help to deal with the problems which are causing the stress.

Always make the wise choice. Remember Brahmacharya is Best.