Great Things to Do – LIVE UP

Empower yourself, use your energy positively, and look and feel good:

1. Take up a hobby: painting, collecting stamps, collecting books, write people in different countries, write a novel, write poems, or do any other thing that you find interesting.

2. Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

3. Read widely and form a book club with your friends. This is great way to empower yourself and to develop a better understanding of life.

4. Memorise poetry

5. Browse the internet – see a list of great websites

6. Volunteer with a charity: Volunteer at a hospital, old people’s home, orphanage or similar place where you can be of service and make others happy care for the elderly, open a library, help spread the message against HIV and AIDS. SEWA Guyana would be happy to have your talent for the many projects we have.

7. Exercise and do Yoga; join a gym

8. Become a World Expert at something you like

9. Train hard and excel in some sport

10. Play Scrabble.

11. Learn to dance

12. Listen to music

13. Visit your temple regularly

14. Build a family tree of your family

15. Trace the roots of your family and find out where they came from and how they came.

15. Go on pilgrimage to temples in different parts of the country

16. Visit places you have never gone to before

17. Find other great things to do.

Volunteer With these Organisations and Make a Difference in Your Life and in Someone’s Life
SEWA – 227-4915; 222 – 3411
Help and Shelter – Tel #: 225 – 4731
Your local temple youth group
Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh